We buy and sell bikes across the UK & Europe

Brands We Stock


✓ We buy your over stock at fair prices

✓ We have a large range of brands / models to offer

✓ We can offer prices lower than market value

✓ We work with each partner on an individual basis

✓ You have access to our stock and to the stock of our partners across the UK & Europe

✓ We are your personal product agent, helping you find exactly what you are after

Product Range

✓ We offer a wide range of bikes including Entry, Mid and High level

✓ We only stock reliable, trusted brands such as Bianchi, Cube, Cannondale and many more

✓ We hold stock of the latest models and models of previous years

✓ All of our brand new bikes come with ‘x’ years guarantee

✓ We stock exclusive models that can be otherwise hard to find

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