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Brand we represent in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The history of 3T, the bike company, is a story rooted in passion for cycling and relentless pursuit of innovation. Founded in 1961 by Mario Dedioniggi in Italy, 3T initially focused on producing high-quality bike components, gaining recognition for its dedication to craftsmanship and performance.

Over the decades, 3T evolved into a pioneering force in the cycling industry, introducing groundbreaking designs and technologies that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in bike engineering. From pioneering the use of aluminum in bike frames to developing aerodynamic handlebars and carbon fiber components, 3T continually sought to elevate the cycling experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Made In Italy

Just a dream 6 years ago, reality today: our Italian carbon factory is ready to build frames. 3T’s in-house manufacturing project takes the next step. After the award-winning Torno aero crank, it’s now time for frames that are 100% Made in Italy.

Key Technology

After a review of all the manufacturing technologies, two key decisions were taken for our Italian carbon factory:
  1. Filament winding instead of manual lay-up to improve consistency and reduce labor in lay-up
  2. Dry fiber and resin injection instead of pre-impregnated carbon to reduce labor in finishing

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